Xtreme Rocker drills


Xtreme “Rocker” drills

One of my favorite finger exercises, as most of you know, is the Rocker exercise from the Beginners level. The side to side finger strength it builds is so important to really clean, crisp techniques.
Well, with all the finger twirl techniques I posted last time around, I figured I’d give you guys this little “spin off” of that old favorite to tighten those moves up a little…….. plus, you’re gonna’ need the extra strength for some of the techniques in the next update.

Here we go
~ Start with the Balisong in the forward grip, closed position. Safe handle “IN”, toward your palm.

~ Gently swing the “BITE” handle out , as in the beginning of a Horizontal basic opening, but stop it at the back of your hand. Your Balisong should be horizontal (sides facing UP), and your palm facing down.

~ Swing your Index finger around to the other side of the safe handle, and sandwich the handle between the Index and Middle fingers. You should position the Bali between the first and second knuckles from the fingertips.

~ From here, execute the same movement as the Rocker exercise, but add a little wrist motion (just a little, you want the fingers to do the work) to get the Bite handle to swing side to side. Try to keep the motion on a horizontal plain, as that puts more stress on the fingers to keep the Balisong from falling to the floor.

~ The Bite handle should ricochet off of the back of the Middle finger on the one side, and the back of the blade should ricochet off of the side of the Index finger on the other side. Keep swinging side to side until it just gets uncomfortable. DON’T OVER DO IT!

~ Do the same thing between the other sets of fingers……… Middle and Ring, Ring and Pinky, and even the Index and Thumb.

~ When you get more confident with this you can add a Roll into the finger position changes…….. this will give you awesome power and control over the finger twirl techniques (as well as others).


A few minutes a day, three times a week should do it. But again, don’t do too much at a time in the beginning. You don’t want to lose valuable workout time because of the “too much too soon” syndrome……….plus, it hurts like hell, believe me!

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