Working the Balisong in the closed positions.

Working your Balisong in the closed position.


This weeks tip is a short, quick one……. well, it’s more of a recommendation than anything else.

I know it’s not THE thing that comes to mind when you think of “cool” Balisong techniques. The truth is, you probably never even considered it something you needed to do.

Closed Bali drills however, are a great way to build strong, confident hands. Not to mention giving you the ability to switch to different opening positions smoothly while minimizing the risk of an accidental drop.

Rolls, slides, pivots, and screwdrivers flow well between each other in the closed position, and together make for a great dexterity workout…….. and the increase in stamina alone is well worth the investment in time.

Watch the Closed freestyle clip closely. See how quickly the Balisong goes from Forward to Backhand grip positioning. I can’t begin to stress enough, the importance of this transitional flow. Once you start working them I’m sure you’ll agree.

Oh………and don’t try to tell me you don’t have time for them. They can be done while driving, watching TV, during your lunch break, or while you’re walking around. No excuses!

So, until next time, remember to brush your teeth, wash behind your ears, and DO THOSE CLOSED BALI DRILLS!

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