WhiteKnuckler Knife Review

whiteknuckler knife review

Knives Are The Most Practical Tools

The reason why knives are one of the most practical tools in the world is the fact that they are simple to use and are highly versatile tools, even today people carry knives of all kinds with them for a variety of reasons ranging from utilitarian use to self-defense.

Our whiteknuckler knife review is going to shed light on a superbly designed knife by a brand that is well-known for their ability to provide users with quality, beauty, and practicality in every product that they have to offer.

Their WhiteKnuckler is a knife that is designed with users such as truckers, bikers, hunters and knife connoisseurs kept in mind, a compact yet highly useful blade that can be used in a great number of ways.

This Knife Is

Made of imported 440C stainless steel, the single body blade is incredibly durable, making it perfect for use as a handy tool or as a self-defense weapon that you can rely on.

Each blade that the manufacturer produces is hand finished, polished and engraved in Columbus Ohio, this ensures that every blade is as sharp as possible and has a beauty about it that no machine made blade can ever hope to achieve.

Along with a beautiful looking blade, every knife comes with a unique artistically burned handle that receives extreme attention to detail to make it look as beautiful as possible.

Looks aren’t the only thing that make it superb, its blade is small enough to make carrying it around with you comfortable, but is quite well-designed.

Its shape allows users to use it in numerous ways, the handle provides a superb grip on it, and a forefinger hole makes handling it even better. While sheathed in its sheath made of premium 8-10oz domestic leather, it measures around 6 inches, which is just perfect for a belt knife.

Handling it while it’s sheathed is also quite comfortable thanks to its forefinger grip that eliminates the chances of you dropping it while you’re in the process of unsheathing it, it also makes taking it out and readying it for use as fast and simple as possible.

It is available in Black Out, Chestnut handle and bone handle variants, both of which look incredibly appealing with and without their vegetable tanned leather sheaths.

It is available in 5 inches and 7 inches variants, the 5-inch option being perfect for people who want to carry a small yet dependable blade with them at all times and the 7 inch one being more suitable for individuals who are looking for something more serious.

Regardless of which variant you go for, it is an incredibly made carry knife that is bound to please anyone who goes for one, its great design, build quality and the effort that goes into making each blade makes this belt knife a truly badass one, one on which you can rely on for many years to come.

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