When Butterflies attack

When Butterflies attack!

Some basic first-aid tips
I don’t care how much experience you have with a Balisong, cuts are an inevitable part of the learning experience. Thats the thanx we get for working and pushing our abilities to the limit.

I found this out (again) the hard way (again) while working with 3 Balis at one time this weekend (what a knucklehead!).

…………. but enough about me. Lets talk about you, and more specifically, what you should do if (and when) you cut yourself.

Most of the cuts you suffer will be on your hands and fingers, but these tips work for other areas as well.

OK, so now your cut…………
~ First things first. Using your free hand, cover the wound with a cloth or paper towel and apply pressure. If you were brave enough to look before you covered it, try to apply the pressure in a way that closes the skin evenly together. Fortunately, knives cut cleanly and these type cuts heal quicker that jagged cuts.

~ Raise the cut above the level of the Heart. This will slow the bleeding down and make it easier to clean, and bandage the wound later.

~ After about 15 minutes or so of pressure and elevation, the bleeding should be much less. Take this time to look at the wound, and quickly clean it. Keep in mind that when you drop the wound below heart level, bleeding is most likely going to start again. So work quickly! If you can’t get the bleeding under control by all means seek out professional help.

~ An antibacterial ointment will work wonders at healing the cut quicker. The advantage to this is, it prevents the chance of the cut opening repeatedly. Mr. Chuck Gollnick’s recommendation of Neosporin is a good choice. I myself, having been Tattooed more than a few times use Bacitracin (it’s what the tattooers give you). I like the consistency of the Bacitracin. It’s thick like Vaseline so when you fill a slice, it holds the blood back while you apply a bandage.

~ When bandaging, make the bandage fairly tight. This will keep pressure on the cut, and push the skin together. After about 30 minutes, change the bandage and make it a bit looser. You might also want to keep the cut elevated for awhile longer, just so the skin can seal itself easier.

Like I mentioned earlier, if for some reason you can’t stop the bleeding, by all means get yourself some help! Don’t try to be a hero, Use your head!

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