Vertical pass

Here’s another good way to get your Balisong into the other hand……. you have been practicing with both hands, right?

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

1. The technique starts like a windmill opening……..

2.…… but…….

3. ….as the handle comes over, place your opposite hand, back of knuckles, over the web of the passing thumb. Catching hand should appear horizontal extending across your body.

4. Make the catch.

5. pull the catching hand back, just before you let go with the passing hand. This will keep you connected (more on this later) with the other handle, and will also add a “whip” to the close.
8. Continue on, changing hands until you’re comfortable with the technique.


13. The knife can also be closed using the same motion, and should be practiced that way.

When you’re confident with this exercise, add an opening/closing move, between the passes. The horizontal basic works well, as does the vertical basic….. play around with it!

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