Vertical opening

This is a nice basic opening that will lead to smooth hand passes at the higher levels of skill. The movement should look like a “V” when done correctly.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.




1. Start in the forward grip, closed position.
2. Using your forearm and wrist together, swing the latch handle up, and slightly out, away from the body. Make sure you’re holding the safe handle at this point or you’ll get cut on the next step.
3. Ricochet the latch handle off of the back of your hand, then slightly dip the wrist downward……..
4. …….sending the blade and handle ……
5. ……downward, for a ricochet off of the index finger.

6. Here again, make sure you have the safe handle in hand or you’ll get a major cut.



7. Pull the wrist back (toward the forearm) slightly, after the ricochet to whip the handle up………






9. To the finishing position.

In most Balisongs I’ve seen, the handle without the latch is the safe handle. This however is not an absolute, I have seen it the other way as well. Check the Basic terms page (under “clear” handle) to see how you can check for yourself.

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