Using disorientation to your advantage

Testing your reflexes……. An exercise in disorientation.


I don’t know about you , but I always plan for the worst. I believe if there will come a time that you’ll need your Balisong, you’ll either drop it, or take too long getting it open…….. just my opinion.

The finger exercises within the site should help you with the former, but the latter is a different story.

Reality check……
When we practice we tend to emphasize, or work the most, those things we know the best. The problem is, in real life, situations don’t unfold in the same “planned” manner as our fantasies. There are always things we don’t factor into the equation. Nerves, adrenaline, sweat, cold, confusion, are all things that can make drawing your Balisong quickly, a nightmare. Even if you’ve done the same opening over and over a thousand times.

Testing……1, 2, 3…….
Here’s a little test. Start paying attention every single time you open your Bali……. for whatever reason. Weather it was to show someone, or to use it. How long did it take. Did you have to think about what position you were in, before the opening? Did it come out of it’s sheath smoothly? Was there any hesitation?

If you’re like most, you’ll be surprised at how many times your first opening attempt, out of sheath, will fail. And when it really comes down to it, the first attempt is the mostcrucial. If you use your Bali for self defense, the first attempt is your only attempt!….. period! You mess up the draw…… and it’s over.

Preparing for the worst, is the best way to keep form panicking when something goes wrong……and it will go wrong…… believe me.

Work it!
Here are a few disorientation exercises that will help increase your opening speed, no matter how you grab your Bali.

~ Try putting your Balisong in a pocket that you wouldn’t normally keep it in…… a left side back pocket for example (switch it if your a lefty). Try not to think about how you’re going to open it, just grab for it , and open. Thinking takes time, and thats what we want to cut down……. not as easy as what you normally practice is it? Thats the point!

~ Lay your Balisong, latched closed, on a table. Now spin it (like spin the bottle). Before it stops spinning, snatch it off the table and open it as fast as you can. Try not to change positions. If you grab it Backhand closed, open it backhanded, etc….

~ Here’s the one I use the most, with good results.
Holding your Balisong in one hand, toss it up in the air (make sure it’s latched snug). Get it to spin and tumble as much as you possibly can. Now catch it with either hand, and snap it open. No thought, no preparation…….. just open.

Disorientation openings are great reflex builders, and they also prepare you for the reality of an “out of control” situation. Practice them…… work them……… live them.

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