Two Balis in one hand

Two Balis in one hand

It’s all in the Thumb!

So, it seems as though a few of you have been brave enough to play around with the 2-in-1 techniques. Ya’ know, two Balis in one hand. Glad to hear it.

The difficulties most people have told me about so far, are caused by the same problem. Not being able to move, or manipulate the second Bali because the first one keeps getting in the way.

The solution is easier said than done……………. as usual.

The Bali that’s already IN your hand has to be positioned in such a way that the Thumb tip is free to move, thereby giving you the ability to manipulate the second Balisong.

That’s the hard part
You have to actually pull the first Balisong back (with your Thumb) into the web of your Thumb. You’ll be holding it in position, by the base of the thumb pushing the Balisong against the part of the Palm (just below the fingers). It’s sort of a modified “Pinch” grip, and it leaves your Thumb tip free.

The Finger Stretch exercise is great for developing the strength needed to pull this off. Concentrate on the Thumb part of the exercise.

Try it. You’ll be pulling off the 2-in-1’s like a Pro in NO time.


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