Got a problem with your Balisong?? Freestyle routines need a little zip. Well, this is the place to find help with both (and then some).

Maintenance and repair

Replacing pins yourself…….. A “How to” guide.

Heres a fix for the Tang pin wearing out the handles.

Tang pin on the blade is wearing out the handles

2.Keeping the Latch, Latched. Open or closed.

Tightening and aligning the handlesLoosening-up tight handles


Workout tips

The other rhythm method…..Balisong’s connection to music.

Keeping the latch in check.

Preventing unexpected lock-up.

Using disorientation to your advantage

Focusing on your target.

Move it!

Adding footwork to your Balisong workout.

Your Balisong is talkin’ to ya’. Are you listening?

Getting a feel for the balance point.

Flying blind…. Involving the other senses.

Working the Balisong in the closed positions

.Fun with Oil

Marathon sessions

Two Balis in one hand

Independent hands

Part 1Independent hands Part 2 Strength and Dexterity

Strength part 1: Wrist and Forearms

Strength part 2: Hands and Fingers

Strength part 3: Stretching

Xtreme Rocker drills

Isometrics by Thaddeus

Things to think about

Carrying a Balisong for Self Defense??

It’s more than just a knife.

Kubaton and the closed Balisong

Importance of the “Draw” When Butterflies attack

Technique specific

Adding a little ZIP to the Hyper drop techniques

.The Half opening, for quick blade access.

Breaking down the basic rollover