Tightening and aligning the handles

Tightening, and aligning the handles


After working with your Balisong for awhile, you may notice the handles starting to loosen up. Rest assured this is quite common.

If you look down on the Tang pins (back end of the blade, profile view) and spread the handles out to form a “T”, you’ll see the space. Now jiggle the handles around a bit. Notice how that little space at the PINs causes a much bigger effect as you look back toward the Butt.

Whats happening is, your PINs are stretching from the stress being concentrated right on them. And whats worse is, your handles are stretching out of shape too…… not good!

And the more space you have, the more stress is focused on this small area.

This stretching is what eventually pops your PINs, and if you let it go too far, will crack your handles as well.


How can you tell when the space is too much?………Easy! Open your Balisong to the full open position. While holding it in a backhand grip, look down on the butt of the Balisong.

Now gently push each handle in opposite directions as far as they will go. This is how you check the alignment.

If you can push the latch down “outside” of the opposite handle at this point, your Bali is out of alignment (you have too much space at the PINs). The image below shows a good handle alignment.

 View looking down at the Butt of the Balisong

For a latchless Bali, you have to look at the relationship between the handles in the space where the blade folds in. In the Image below, the red line indicates where the handles should align. Any more will start causing problems down the road.Now that you can spot the problem, you can get to work on fixing it.There are two methods (tools) that I use, the vise, and the hammer. Both are simple and get the job done. You just have to be careful not to over do it.The Vise
Open the jaws of the vise enough so that you can slip the closed Bali between them, with the heads of the PINs against the jaws of the vise. Don’t try to do both handles at the same time, do one, then the other.Squeeze the vise closed on the PINs (and therefore the handles) just a little at first. Take your Bali out and inspect. Repeat until you get it to where you want it.

The Hammer

With the hammer, all you’re going to do is tap down on the PINs until you get the spacing where you want it. Again, go easy. Tap a few times STRAIGHT DOWN, then check your Bali. Be careful not to hit on an angle. Also make sure you have your Balisong resting on a good solid piece of metal. That’ll make the tapping down process much easier and more accurate.Once you have it aligned, you’ll notice a BIG difference in the performance of your Balisong…………… and I think you’ll like it.


View looking down at the Butt of the Balisong 

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