The other rhythm method…..Balisong’s connection to music.

Looking at things in a different way. Adding music to the mix.

You’re probably wondering what possible connection there could be between the Balisong, and music. I mean, one is a sharp, pointed instrument that can help you at work or around the house. It can even be used to defend your life…… and the other is just, well, noise……right?…..wrong!

Close your eyes and play with your Balisong for a minute. What do you see?………… NOTHING, your eyes are closed. But you do hear it, don’t you? Opening, closing, ricocheting… hear it all. Now are you starting to see the connection?

The rhythm method….
Try this……. put on a CD (or cassette……… Or 8 track, for you old timers), of some music you normally listen to. A moderate tempo’d toe tapper if you have it. Tap your foot, to feel the beat. Now’s the fun part…….close your eyes, and try to execute various openings, closings, and transitions, directly on the beat, using your Balisong to keep time with the music. Aaaaaaa…… not so easy is it?

Chances are you lost the beat pretty quickly, and that comes as no surprise. You see, most of us, myself included (until a short while ago), practice our openings and closings with the intent of just that……..opening and closing. We’re usually happy if we can just get it to do WHAT we expect, now we want to add WHEN we expect it!

Keeping the rhythm with the Balisong, will add a sense of “urgency” to your routine that you probably felt before. It has to be open “NOW“, or closed “NOW” or passed “NOW“. After all, fights are fought using rhythm, and in it’s most primal aspect, that is what the Balisong was no doubt made for.

I’ve noticed the biggest increases in speed, and fluidity, due to adding this into my daily routine. “No kidding”……I guess the more senses you involve, the better you’ll be. You’ve had Sight, and Touch…….. now add hearing.

In no time you’ll be sounding like one of those bad, late ’70s, early ’80s rock band drum solos…….. only, it’ll be a GOOD thing!

This ones on me!

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