The Half opening, for quick blade access.

Half opening, for those times when you need quick access to your blade.


Every once in awhile there will come a time when you’ll need to open you Bali and use it quick, be it for work or self defense.

The technique I’m about to describe is great for quick blade access, and will work in the Forward or the Backhand grip.

BUT keep in mind, it is only good for a slashing motion……….. please do not try to stab with this technique, as you will definitely cut yourself………Badly! Use your best judgement with this one.

Simple, but effective
The technique is done holding the bite handle, and is the same in the Forward or the Backhand grip.

~ Lets use the Forward grip as the example. The principles will easily transfer to the Backhand which you can work on yourself.

Hold the Balisong in your hand with the bite handle “in” toward your palm. Now with your other hand pull the safe handle out and across behind your fingers. This is just so you can see the motion of the technique.Now, if you’re holding the Balisong in the right hand, the sharp edge of the blade should be facing left. If you were to push back against that edge, you’d notice that it will only go back as far as to extend straight out from the handle. That is because the Tang pin is locked into the handle, and this is what we’ll take advantage of.

OK, now you’re ready to try it as you would if you were going to use it.

Start in the same position mentioned above, Forward grip, closed with the BITE handle IN. Now flip the SAFE handle out to the side and try to stop it on the back side of your hand. The blade is now in position for a slash to the left.

Whats great is you can use this technique on any of the slashing angles. Left to right, right to left, up and down or on 45 degree angles.

All you have to remember is, when the slash is complete and the pressure against the blade is released, the blade may come back to close pretty quickly on you, so be prepared and clear your fingers.

If you have a box, or a dead tree or something along that line, you can practice the move to see how it feels and how the Balisong reacts…….. this is not something you’ll want to be surprised with.

……and make sure you practice all angles, and from the Backhand as well as the Forward grip.

While this is not the flashiest technique you’ll ever see, it will give you quick blade access when you need it…….. and sometimes that is all that matters.

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