The art of Manipulation………… Xtreme style


Here ya’ go………. mild to wild, and everything in between.



Forward grip partials Balance rolls Backhand partials Screwdrivers – closed Vertical basic 1/2 Pivots – open Slides – closed Bite handle opening Rockers – closed Vertical opening 2- Inside Quick & Quiet-opening Backhand basic 2 Horizontal – basic Rolls – closed Windmills Vertical pass Backhand – basic  Flip-slide pass Half pass– open     Intermediate Latch drop Full pivots – In & Out Pivot pass – full circle Rockers 3 Backhand pass Half pivot-roll back Flip-slide pass Backhand windmills 2 Open rolls Table tops – closed Flip outs Basic twirl  Screwslides Basic Twirl VerticalHelicoptersFlip out rollBackhand Windmill 1Backhand to Forward grip passFinger Stretch Fanning Pivot flip drill Finger twirl switchDouble Flip WindmillBackhand circleBackhand Pass underBack Pivot passBackhand Open passMotion passPalm rotations- Horiz.Snap partialPalm rotations- Vert.1 handle passBackhand pivot passBackhand flip out openingBackhand same handle passFalse Forward grip openingHorizontal 2- variationFalse Forward grip 2Latch handle startFalse Backhand opening Finger twirl Windmill opening


Static throwVert. throw to backhand catchMotion throwBackhand throw (forward) to forward grip catchMotion vert. throw passBite handle twirlMega-pivots- insideBackhand TwirlMega-pivots- outsideBackhand to Forward grip throwTable tops- openRolloverHelicopters 2- backhandRollover OpeningFull Twirl- Horiz.Full Finger twirl throwFull Twirl- Vert.Backhand reverse throwBackhand to Forward grip twirlFinger twirl throw 2Pivot rollsRicochet / twirl drillBackhand Twirl passRollover opening 2Twirl pass – leadingY2K rolloverTwirl pass – TrailingXtreme rocker drillsLatch handle start to backhand closedXtreme Table topBackhand aroundBackhand flip out twirlHyper drops 1Thumb rolloverHyper drops 2Forward grip open to Backhand open throwBackhand Hyper drop throw over.Outside-In rolloverFull circle pivot throwRollover Pass throw openBackhand over throwRollover Pass twirl openBackhand over throw passStatic throw, twirl to Backhand openStatic vert. throw pass

 Double Balisong
BackhandWindmill/throw pass drill 2Horizontal machinegunVertical machine gun drillVerticalHorizontal machinegun 2Pivots- inside2 in 1 exercise 1Pivots – outside2 in 1 exercise 2Pivots – opposing2 in 1 exercise 3Double Throw pass2 in 1 exercise 4WindmillsHalf pivot passWindmills 2Full Pivot passDouble full twirlsDouble Hyper 1Hyper JugglesDouble Hyper 2Static throw drills2 into 1 throwStatic throw drills 22 into 1 throw 2Motion throws2 into 1 throw 3Windmill/throw pass drill