Tang pin on the blade is wearing out the handles 2.

Got a problem with the Tang pin on the blade wearing out the handles? Try this little fix.


Balisong ownership is a double edged sword. They’re great to look at and great to play with. The only problem is, the more you use them, the more things start to fall apart.

I don’t consider myself a collector. I’ve always used the Balisongs I’ve owned, and thats been the downfall of all of them. Sooner or later things wear out. Pins, latches, blades and handles…..you can’t stop it, unless you don’t work with them……. I can’t seem to do that though.

One of the biggest problems I have is severe wear out where the Tang pin (on the blade) meets the handles. I call these areas the “cups” of the handles….. and I recently figured out how to fix them. It’s not always a permanent fix, but it’ll get you up and running. And it has been successfully tested.

Go to an Auto parts store and ask for “Liquid metal”, or “liquid solder” (thats what they’re called here anyway). It’s like a metal glue and is used to patch holes in exhaust pipes and things like that. You’re going to use this to fill (not completely) the “cups” (4 total, 2 on each handle) where the stop pin meets the handles.

~First, and most importantly, you have to prepare the area. Wipe, or soak the area with alcohol to get rid of any oil from your blade. The area has to be completely free of oil, or the Liquid metal won’t stick! And let the area dry completely before continuing on!

~Now, I know it’s a small area, but, you have to take an ice pick or some other sharp pointed tool to scratch, or dent the inside of the “cups”. This will allow the liquid metal to flow in, and hold a better grip when it hardens. Don’t use too much Liquid metal though. About a drop in each “cup” should do it. Let it set for a minute, then open the knife up and let the Tang pin push into the liquid metal a little, to shape the “cups”…..try to make them as even as possible……that should do it!

Thanx to Torbjörn Axelsson for the question, and helping with the test!

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