Table tops

Table tops

Coordination builder in the Open position.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

1. Start in the Backhand open position.
3. This move can be started with a pivot forward, or a Flip-out (shown).
4. As you flip the blade forward……..
5. ….allow it to continue over, between the index and middle fingers.
6. Rotate your wrist over so your hand is facing palm down, with the Balisong resting on top, just below the fingernails.

Hold this position for a few seconds.
7. Tip the wrist (pinky side) down slightly, to start the Balisong sliding, while at the same time moving the hand upward.
9. This will cause the Balisong to flip over, into a position for a forward grip catch.
10. Ending catch position.

11. From here you want to pivot the Balisong back, allowing the handle to move in between the ring finger and pinky.

12. Now start to rotate the wrist over to the palm down position. Use the ring finger and pinky to help pull the Balisong over the top.
14. Bring the pinky under, and hold this position. Again, the Balisong should be just below the fingernails.
15. Now in one quick, smooth movement, switch the hand around (pinky under toward the body………..
16.…………..toward the palm up position.
17. Finish in the same position you started in, Backhand grip.

The final Table top position can be held for longer durations as you get better. Moving your hand around in circular motions will also help to develop your coordination.

Try to imagine the Balisong “sticking” to the back of your hand.

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