Straighten up and fly right!

One of the biggest problems I hear about concerning the aerial techniques, is the lack of controlled flight. Well, that, and “holes in the palms of your hands”…….. but that’s another story.

Simply put, quite a few of you are having problems with your release, and end up with a Bali that “wobbles” uncontrollably in the air. Not exactly the thing you want to stick your hand into (for the catch)………. know what I mean???

This little Thumb alignment trick should help you straighten up and fly right.

For the sake of the demonstration, we’ll use a Vertical basic opening to lead into the technique. Later, after you get a feel for it, you can try it from any other lead-in you want to use.

>>>>>>> You might want to open that page in another window now, so you can follow along and SEE what I’m talking about. <<<<<<<<<<<<

Here we go…….
~ Frames 1 through 3 show the first ricochet of the technique. At this point, the Balisong is being held by the Thumb pressing it (from the sides of the handle) against the lower knuckles of the Index and Middle fingers. The fingers should lightly close around the handle for support just before the ricochet.

~ Frames 4 through 6 show the resulting downward direction, after the ricochet, and into the second ricochet point. Notice in frame 7 how my Thumb comes to the top side of the handle before being cleared in frame 8.

This is where the majority of you are having the problem.
Pinching the handle from the sides in frames 1-3, and into frame 4 is OK (and necessary for blade clearance). But, by frame 5 you should be turning your grip so that at the ricochet point in frame 6, your Index finger tip is underneath the handle.

The back of the blade should ricochet off of the Index finger tip (just behind the nail), and your Thumb should now be on top, directly opposing the Index finger and parallel with the handle (pointing forward WITH the blade).

Notice how the grip changed from the sides of the handle, to the top and bottom. THIS is the alignment. Now you’re perfectly set-up for the throw.

And speaking of the throw…..
Frame 7 would be the release point for the throw. To add a little more spin at the release point, roll the Thumb back slightly (pushing downward on the handle) against the Index finger (pushing upward). This will cause a faster, smoother rotation…………… when you get the timing just right, of course.

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