Spicing up the forward grip partials

Spicing up the forward grip partials


By now, If you’ve been working on the partial opening & closing drills, I’m sure you noticed how handy they are when the Balisong motion dies in mid-manipulation.

This weeks tip is going to expand the concept of the partial, to add speed and decrease the hand/arm motion needed to finish the move.

The move:

~ Start in the partial opening position.

~ Spread your fingers out a bit so the Index finger is against (in this case) the back of the blade.

~ Now, in one quick motion:
~~~> Tighten your grip with your Ring finger and Pinky to pin the handle against your palm, and……..
~~~> Push your Index finger forward against the back of the blade, while pulling back with the Middle finger. (HINT~~~>) This part is made easier by working the “side to side” type finger exercises from the previous weeks.

What in essence you’re doing is, (1) using the Ring finger and Pinky to stabilize the Balisong in your hand (preventing the Index finger from shooting it forward)………. and (2) quickly and powerfully pulling your Middle and Index fingers in opposite directions. The end result is the blade and opposing handle being “catapulted” into the open position.

……….. it can, and should, also be practiced into a closing position.

When the partials are done this way, it looks like the stopping (often accidental) of the opening or closing motion was intended………… and better yet, once you get good at it, you can recover just about any move with barely any noticeable hesitation at all.

Try it!

By the way
I find it also works great with the finger twirl type techniques, as you’ll often find yourself “choked up” closer to the pivot point than usual…….. just wait for the right moment, POP the Index finger……… and you’re there

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