Schmidt Brothers Cutlery Review – Titan 15 Piece Knife Set

schmidt brothers cutlery review

Not all knives are made equal; they all have their own set of qualities that make them good or bad. We love talking about all of them and today, we’re going to do a Schmidt Brothers Cutlery review today of their 15 piece set of Titanium coated knives.

Here’s What The Set Contains;

  • A 9 inch bread knife
  • An 8 inch Chef knife
  • An 8 inch slicer
  • A 7 inch Slim Santoku
  • A 7 inch boning knife
  • A 6 inch Tomato/bagel cutter
  • A 4 inch Paratoku
  • A set of 5 inch steak knives
  • A two stage sharpening tool
  • A universal magnetic storage block

About The Set

Right off the bat, this set of 15 knives gives you quite the plethora of cutting options, which makes it suitable for every kind of home chef. The knives are forged of high grade German stainless steel and are coated with a nice black polish of pure titanium. The Titan 15 knives are lightweight but very durable, which makes them a high-performance set. Furthermore, each knife in the set boasts a nice curve that’s akin to Schmidt Brother’s Cutlery only; this gives you better control over the way you slice your ingredients and together with the ergonomically designed rubber grip, using these is a breeze.

Here’s What We Think

Now that we’ve told you all the things that this set features, you know what to expect out of the box; however, the question of how good or bad they are still remains. We went ahead and tested this set out for you and here’s what we think about them.

First and foremost, this is a very affordable set of knives, which automatically makes it an attractive option but if you’re buying these, don’t buy them just because they’re cheap – buy them because they’re worth it. These aren’t the highest grade knives out there, but they’re still high-quality German knives that will last you for a long, long time. We’ve been slicing hard vegetables and bones with them, and they cut through everything with a nice clean cut and the blades seem to hold their edge pretty well. We expect no less of German forged knives.

During our ‘test drive’ of the knives in the set, we can say this with a fair amount of confidence; these knives offer you the level of balance and comfort that you can only expect of very high-end chef-grade knives. The soft rubber handle fits very comfortably in your hand, and your hand doesn’t tire even if you have to work in the kitchen for a long time. This makes them very comfortable to use by those of us who tire easily or have problems such as arthritis in their wrists. The handle material is definitely one of the best things about these knives, but since it’s a soft rubber material, we’re a little concerned about how long it will last.

For additional durability and control, these feature a full tang design; what this means is that the knife’s blade is built all the way into the handle and can take quite a beating. This means that you can chop down on hard stuff such as bones and not have to worry about your blade ever popping out the handle. The full tang handle is a promise of longevity from kitchen knives that we always want to be fulfilled for a set of knives to be completely reliable in the long run.

If you’re used to using heavier knives with thicker blades and heavy handles, then this set might need some getting used to, but it can perform every task we’ve thrown at it so far. The blades on this set are very sharp right out of the box, and due to the German steel that they’re forged with, the blades can hold their edge very well, and you won’t be reaching for the sharpening tool every time. The titanium coating fortifies the blades even further without having to make them any thicker. You won’t have to worry about stains or rust ever wearing your knives out either; however, we would recommend washing your knives by hand and not in the dishwasher, since that can wear knives out faster.

We also liked the storage block that comes with these; we like how it’s a universal block and can be used to store any knife of similar size. Unlike most knife blocks, the one that comes with this set is beautifully crafted with a wood and glass design so you can showcase your equally stunning looking black titanium coated knives. Kitchen Aesthetics are essential and if we look for them in our appliances, then why not our knives as well, right?

The block holds the knives in place nicely, and they’re easy to take out when needed and when you put them back, they fall into place with a satisfying click thanks to the magnetized base of the block.

Our Verdict

Altogether, we’re happy with this knife set, and for the price, we can only think of very few rivals for it. If you’re looking for great knives that handle very well and can cut accurately but don’t want to exceed your budget, the Titan 15 set from Schmidt Brothers Cutlery is for you. These will last for a very long time even with regular use, but we’re still not too sure about how long the rubber handles will last.

These knives are some of the most ergonomically designed and comfortable to use out of all the knives we’ve tested and reviewed, and if the unconventional rubber handle can survive your hand, then there’s really no reason for you to not consider these as a viable option. Again, this set will give you a good mix of cutting options that will cover almost everything that you’ll want to cut as a home chef on a budget.

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