I noticed the biggest overall improvement in my techniques, after discovering this simple exercise. You’ll find it works areas of your hand you probably never thought needed work. Don’t use too much pressure in the beginning (squeezing) though, and only work until you experience a little discomfort.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

1. Place the Balisong horizontally, between your index and middle fingers, at the balance point.
2. Now, with a little pressure applied “inward”, move the fingers in opposite directions (if index moves right, middle moves left at the same time)……
3. …….. causing the Balisong to wobble up & down.

4. Continue the motion until it becomes uncomfortable.

I only included pictures of the technique using the index and middle fingers so you could see the motion. This exercise should also be practiced between The thumb and index finger…. the middle and ring finger….. and the ring finger and pinky.

Don’t over do this one! You’re working an area that, most likely, has never been pushed. The muscles, and tendons of the hand and fingers are extremely delicate, and need to be developed over time. Don’t risk giving yourself a case of “carpal tunnel syndrome”……. it’s very unpleasant from what I’ve heard.


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