Find out which Book or Video is right for you.

*** Books ***

~Title: The Balisong Manual
~ Author: Jeff Imada
~ Available at: AWMA,
~ Summary: This is the book that started it all. Includes information on everything from sheath placement, to striking areas, to Balisong care and sharpening. It also has some good wrist and forearm drills. Add to all that, the numerous openings & closings and basic self defense drills and you have a pretty complete package. 127 pages – 1984

~ Title: The Advanced Balisong Manual
~ Author: Jeff Imada
~ Available at: AWMA,
~ Summary: Another must have book from Mr. Imada. There’s plenty more openings & closings as well as self defense stuff in here. But the thing I found most interesting was the Catalog section. It includes pictures and information on models from the top Balisong companies involved in the 1980’s Balisong “boom”. 127 pages – 1986

~ Title: Balisong- The lethal art of Filipino knife fighting.
~Author: Campbell, Cagaanan, Umpad
~ Available at: AWMA,
~ Summary: This book only contains about 7 “flipping” variations, but what it lacks in openings it more than makes up for in Filipino fighting applications. Subjects covered include, stances, targets, moving, traps, checks, and street applications. A good book for learning how apply the tricks you already know, to real life situations. 184 pages – 1986

*** Videos ***

~ Title: Mastering the Balisong knife
~Author:Michael D. Janich
~ Available at:
~ Summary: This video covers levels from beginner to advanced, including Aerial techniques. I found the manipulation section to be a bit fast paced for the newest of beginners, but overall the information was good. The video also includes the authors personal views on self protection. 50 min. – 1994

~ Title: The Balisong Knife
~ Author: Jeff Imada
~ Available at: AWMA
~ Summary:This is a good all around video, that includes quite a few manipulation techniques. This video is also fast paced (for the newest of beginners), but the different camera angles and slow motion make it easy to follow. Of note is the segment on Pacific cutlery (and Les De Asis) and the manufacturing process. Very cool! 50 min.

~ Title: Mastering the Balisong -Vol. 1
~ Author: Brennan, Miller
~ Available at: AWMA, Panther video
~ Summary:I thought this video was the best for the newest of beginners. Techniques are basic and explained in “idiot proof” detail. There is a good section on how to pick the Balisong thats right for you. Other highlights include Filipino Martial arts based footwork, stances, wrist conditioning, and closed Balisong techniques. 60 min.

~ Title: Mastering the Balisong -Vol. 2
~Author: Brennan, Mille

~ Available at: AWMA, Panther video
~ Summary:This video continues where volume 1 left off, with the same attention to detail. More manipulations are added, and hand switches are also introduced. Also included is a section on cutting angles and applications. Of note is the “cutting post” drills, used to strengthen the wrist and improve focus. 53 min.

~ Title: Mastering the Balisong -Vol. 3
~Author:Brennan, Miller
~ Available at: AWMA, Panther video
~ Summary: This video focuses mostly on Filipino martial arts based self defense techniques. Double Balisong is also introduced, but is (IMHO) quite lame, using only “mirror image” techniques (both hands doing the same techniques at the same time). Also included is a section on sheath placement and Balisong deployment from different areas. 44 min.

If anyone finds a book or video not included in here, please E-mail me with the Title, Author, and if possible, a link to where I can get it.