Here’s another good strength, and confidence builder. Full pivots in and out.

1. Start in the backhand grip open position. Wrist bent slightly inward.

2. Like the 1/2 pivot, torque the wrist back a bit to set the motion. The handle is held between the middle finger and thumb.
3. But instead of stopping the motion with your index finger, allow the Balisong to pass over toward the web of your thumb……
4. ……then……..
5. ……turn the wrist over (palm down) and slide your index finger to the same position as your middle finger.
6. At this point the Balisong is being held with the index finger and thumb…….
7. …….. and pulled back into position to finish the outside pivot. From here we return with the inside pivot.
8. Still holding with the index finger and thumb………
9.……. and…………
10. ……turning the wrist over.
12. Change the index finger, to the middle finger (and thumb), and pull it in to finish.
13. Finish in the same position you started in.

During the pivot when the Balisong is held with only two fingers, try to offset them just a little so the fingers can take some of the work. You’ll find the pivot becomes much smoother. EXAMPLE: In the starting position, place your thumb just below the butt of the knife (on top), and your middle finger tip at about the balance point (below). Looking down you should be able to see both fingers. Your middle finger should be bent in a little. Now, straighten out your middle finger, while at the same time pushing down slightly (and pulling back) , with the thumb. Feel it?? It’s the same when your palm up, only your index finger tip will be at the butt, and your thumb will be at, or near, the balance point

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