Move it! Adding footwork to your Balisong workout.

Move it! Though you see me standing still in the video clips, don’t think that thats the way to practice.

One thing you might notice about the Freestyle videos I posted is that, though my hands were flying around, the rest of my body was fairly still.

I would like it to be known that it was only done that way for the sake of the camera. When I workout with my Balisongs, I normally move around quite a bit. My workouts come complete with imaginary attackers, and everything.

I’m stressing this because, as I was editing the most recent technique footage, I noticed this potential problem. I don’t want anyone, like say, beginners, to be under the impression that standing still is THE way to practice. On the contrary. In fact it could become dangerous if you use your Balisong for self defense. You don’t want to be caught off guard in a situation like that, and even one single step could do you in.

Try walking around and manipulating your Balisong at the same time. You’ll notice that quite often, depending on what technique you’re doing, the direction you step in directly effects the Balisong’s movement…… and sometimes, it ends the flow you work so hard for. With a little practice, you’ll find which techniques work with certain “footwork”.

I practice a lot using Akido type footwork drills. They’re very circular in motion, and thats what I find to be the hardest on Balisong techniques. The Tenkan footwork drills of Akido are especially difficult, as they contain a very sharp body pivot.

Start in a fighting stance, left leg forward. Now, step forward with your right leg. When your right leg hits the ground, quickly pivot your body around, and bring the left leg around behind you. You should now be in a fighting stance, facing the opposite direction. When you feel comfortable with this, try adding some Balisong manipulation into the mix. This is a very basic footwork drill, but you’ll quickly find that it’ll throw your Balisong techniques WAY off.

This is just one basic example of footwork. There are many different kinds of footwork drills you can do. Try going to your nearest bookstore and getting a book on Karate, Boxing, Aikido, Kick Boxing, or something similar. The majority will have footwork drills you can work on.

And, If you don’t already, I strongly recommend taking classes in a Martial art that intrests you. There are many different types, so look around before you sign up.

Get your feet into your Balisong workout. You’ll see, AND feel the difference.

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