Motion throw

Motion throw


OOOOooooo…… now we’re getting somewhere. Shock and amaze your friends with this little beauty. But If you end up blowing it and have to call an ambulance, make up a good story. It’s less embarrassing that way.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

1. Start in the forward grip, closed position.

2. Perform a basic vertical opening until……



5. ……here. At the point of the second ricochet (off the index finger)………

6. ………place your thumb square on the back of the handle, pointing forward (parallel with the handle). This will ensure that you have a good set-up for the throw.

step 7




7. Release at about the center line of the body right in front of your belly button……

9.….. now start sliding the opposite hand into position for the catch.
10. Make sure you put it exactly where the other hand was, at the center line of your body.
11.………the handle your going to catch is going to come around, RIGHT AFTER THE BLADE. At this point just prior to the catch, the latch handle coming over the top will whip the blade out of the way.
14. Finish in the forward grip, open position.

This is another one you can work back and fourth for hours. and you definitely should. This technique can also be done starting with a horizontal opening. Try it that way as well, see which way you like better.


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