Marathon sessions

Get ready to push your abilities to the limit.

Years ago I read an article written by a famous body builder that had quite an impact on me. In the article he talked about the benefits of lowering the weight to almost nothing, and doing 100 or more reps.

It seemed like a simple concept, until I tried it. Lets just say, it’s much easier said than done.

Well, one day I decided to apply this same methodology to one of my Balisong workouts……………. and once again, It was MUCH easier said than done. My hands cramped up, I started losing control, slowing down. The technical execution I was so proud of was virtually gone.

………….. and thats when I realized that, that was what it was all about. Pushing it to failure, and then keep on going.

Here’s the drill
Start out with Windmills. Open & close……… over and over for as long as you can. You can do it until you hit 100 reps, or do it the way I usually do it……. by time. Try to continuously open & close for one minute, then increase the time as you get better.

Try to lock yourself into a rhythm, and stay with it. It should be fast enough to be difficult, but not too fast that you can’t keep it up for awhile. Work on staying smooth and rhythmic………..Speed will come in time.

Every now and then choose another technique to work on, Horizontals, Verticals, Throws, etc………….. and Push it!

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