Loosening-up tight handles

Loosening-up tight handles


Sometimes when you get a new Balisong, you’ll find that the handles are a bit too tight to facilitate manipulation. This weeks tip is just right for that kind of problem.

It also works well after you re-pin your Bali and go a little overboard with the hammer……… or you ignore my advice about the razor blade spacers.

What you’ll need:
~ A wide straight tipped screwdriver
~ A piece of thick cloth.

Here we go…….
~ Wrap the cloth over the tip of the screwdriver. This will keep the screwdriver from marring the inside of the Balisong. This is very important! Scratching the inside of the handles could cause your blade to “bind” .

~ Slide the covered tip in the groove (figure 4) where the handle splits to sandwich the blade (just behind the tang).

~ Figure 5 shows inserting the screwdriver from the back side of the handle. Either side will work just fine.

~ From here, you want to turn the screwdriver side to side LIGHTLY, as if you were tightening a screw. Don’t use too much pressure! You only want to loosen a little at a time.

Some important things to remember:
1) ALWAYS cover the tip of the screwdriver. Even the smallest scratch could cause lots of headaches later on.

2) When you turn the screwdriver, make sure you only use a little pressure. Thats all it really takes. Alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise, and use even pressure in both directions.

3) Stop turning often and check your progress. You are better off loosening too little, than too much.

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