Kubaton and the closed Balisong

While surfing around the WEB the other day, I stumbled on a great article concerning the Kubotan.

For those of you that don’t know what a Kubotan is, it’s a piece of metal (usually) thats about 6″ long (+/-), with roughly the diameter of the average Balisong. Many times you’ll see them on people’s key rings.

Kubaton techniques transfer perfectly to the closed Bali. So……….. being that I have always been a believer in closed Balisong techniques for striking and locking, I decided to link to the article and let IT serve as this weeks Tip. Just another way of showing the versatility of our favorite tool/weapon.

There are links to a few books as well, in case you need help coming up with technique ideas for adding it to your style.

There’s not much more to say, as the article says it all………….. and quite well I might add……………. So go check it out!



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