Keeping the Latch, Latched. Open or closed.

Tightening up the lock, so your Balisong stays open & closed when it’s supposed to.


This one might seem simple to some of you out there, but I got more than a few E-mails this week from people needing help. And I have to say, I was a little surprised to read the way some of you tried to solve the problem…….. hammering or clamping down on the latch pin, which made everything worse! Lets break it down.

OK….. here’s the problem:
You just watched the AVI of me executing a full pivot, and you decide you’d like to try it. Great! So …..with Balisong in hand, you start to slowly get a feel for the technique. Carefully dissecting each part of the move, until you’re ready to try it full speed. And that’s when the problem shows it’s ugly head. For this technique and others resembling it, I said “To help keep your grip, position your fingertips so their in the groove where the handles meet”. But, when you try it at speed, the handles come unlatched, and Your Bali goes sailing across the room.

Now, the new problem you’ve created:
So……. you nick up a few walls, break a few things, and decide you need to fix this problem. Off to your trusty hammer (or vise, depending on if you’re a basher or a squeezer) to let it work it’s magic, and……. Well, it’s not unlatching anymore, but then again, It now takes a over minute, and lots of energy to get your Balisong open and closed. Worse yet, the latch is always in the way when you’re “freestyling”, the blade is getting all nicked up, and the latch is getting grooves cut into it by the blade………. it doesn’t seem like a fair price to pay for a couple “flashy” moves, does it?

Now hear this:
The latch must…….. I repeat, MUST, be able to swing freely at all times.

The fix:
Instead of hammering the latch pin, lightly clamp down on the slot in the safe handle that the latch slides into….. THAT’S IT! Now the latch won’t be in your way, you can open your Balisong in a flash, it’s not taking a beating, and you can continue learning new techniques……….. once again, life is good.

Thanx Craig, and others, for the question!

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