It’s more than just a knife.

It’s more than just a knife.

Some time last week someone at the Benchmade forum asked, “Give me one good reason to buy a Balisong” (model 42 more specifically).

When I got to thinking about it, I had quite a few different things I used them for……… other than just cutting stuff. I guess it never dawned on me that NOT everyone saw the Balisong as something more than “just a knife”.

“Seeing beyond the obvious is usually what makes the difference in how accomplished you become at something”. You can quote me on that one.

Take these examples for instance:
1~ Sandwich the handles around Thumb screws to add a little extra torque when tightening or loosening.

2~ Pulling smaller nails out of boards. Stick the head through about the third hole from the tang. Rest the tang on the board, and pull back.

3~ I manage a warehouse, so pulling on a rope to close huge garage type doors is a daily thing. To make it easier I wrap the rope (1 time) around the closed Bali and I get a comfortable “T” grip. Great hand saver! This works great any time you have to hold tension on a piece of rope or string.

4~ To get a clean cut on a piece of hose, or small branches, place the thing to be cut between the blade and the handle and squeeze. As long as your Bali is sharp it’ll go right through……..clean.

5~ Same method as above can be used to strip wire except, instead of squeezing, let the opposite handle add a little downward weight, and just spin the wire between your fingers. One or two spins should do it, and you won’t hack through the wire.

6~ You can add a few inches to your reach, or maybe get into a small spot to recover a dropped screw, by using the back of the handles as “pincers”. Sort of like using chop sticks.

7~ Works great for a small mallet too….. tapping on a stuck jar lid, or getting a wood screw started.

……..just to name a few.

The more you use your Balisongs for everyday tools, the more you’ll find yourself gaining in confidence with them. And thats what it’s all about!

After all remember, the Nunchaku was actually used as a rice flail before it became a self defense weapon. Tool first……….everything else will fall right into place.

Do you have anything else you use the Balisong for?? Let me know.

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