Independent hands: Part 1

Using your good hand to teach your bad hand how to move.


Right handers, are you having a problem getting your left hand to cooperate? Lefties having the same problem, only with the right hand? ………..This tip should help!

Try using two Balis to solve the problem.

OK………. If a right handed person is working with two Balisongs, the Right hand (dominant) will usually control what the left hand does, as well as when it does it. This is the methodology we’re going to use to get past your “one handed Bali” style.

This has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage being, if you do two Balisongs at the same time, the dominant hand actually shows the other hand where to go, and when to go there. It’s a great way to teach your secondary hand all the motions involved.

Don’t believe me……. try this
With your dominant hand, execute a succession of Horizontal basic opening & closing moves. Keep the motion going without attaining full open or full closed, just allow the Balisong to move and ricochet where open and closed would be.

Now switch hands and try the same thing.

Not quite the same is it? Even if you got it to open & close, the motion probably wasn’t the same. Maybe one hand holds the Balisong on a slight angle, or the rhythm of the clicks is different.

Now, take a Balisong in each hand and repeat the same move, both hands simultaneously. You’ll probably notice that now, both hands seem to move the same way at the same time. Pretty simple concept actually……. the secondary hand follows the lead of the more confident dominant hand, and learns the motions that way……….. cool huh?

Next week I’ll talk a little about the disadvantages of this method, and how to correct them.
See ya’ then!

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