Importance of the “Draw”

Importance of the “Draw”


Did you ever have one of these moments??:

You’ve been drilling your favorite moves for an hour or so. Thrilled that you’ve just mastered the hardest of the new Advanced techniques from BalisongXtreme, you call it quits, and go on with your day…………. confident (in your fantasies) that you could take on 3 armed thugs to save a loved one. A flick of the wrist, a gleaming Balisong, and they’re running for the hills. You are THE unstoppable Balisong Superhero (yeah, I have ’em too :p )

Later that day…..
As you scan the terrain for a citizen to save, you spot a young woman wrestling with a carton. She can’t open it.

“Oh no…… not the brown reinforced packing tape!” Those villains!

So there you are, SuperBaliGuy (or SuperBaliChick, sorry Susan) to the rescue. You grab the carton, set it down, and reach for your all powerful Balisong.

Now, one of the following happens.
1. You can’t find the sheath that holds the Balisong.

2. You find the sheath, but drop the Balisong.

3. You don’t drop the Balisong……… but you can’t get it open either.

4. You get the Balisong out, and proceed to “Tap an artery” right in front of the (now horrified) damsel in distress and everyone else in the room.

(SIDE NOTE: Don’t try to play it cool……….. we all get that same stupid look on our faces when we do this……… just look up into the sky and say “Was that the SuperBaliGuy signal I just saw??”………. and then run like hell to save what little dignity you might have left, under the guise of having to save someone else with a bigger problem…… Oh yeah, and apply LOTS of pressure to the wound)


The point I’m trying to make here is that, while there are a lot of cool looking techniques to learn on this site, THE most important thing is getting your Bali out, open, and ready to use……….. quick, with no tricks. The biggest part of that, is being aware of how the sheath factors into the equation. Don’t kid yourself, it plays a HUGE part.

Most of the techniques in here are for building confidence and preparing you for the different ways the Balisong can move. That way there are no surprises.

Like they say “@^%#$ happens”……… and I want you to be prepared when it does. Thats why the fancy stuff is in here. (and chicks love it!…….. darn, sorry Susan, guys love it too)


Of all the techniques in here, the ones you should drill the most are the Latch drop, the Vertical / Horizontal basics, and the Forward / Backhand grip windmills………… FROM OUT OF YOUR SHEATH (however and wherever you wear it), AND AS FAST AS YOU CAN, FIRST TIME, EVERY TIME…………… PERIOD!!!

Settle for NOTHING less!

I call it “quick draw” practice. You call it whatever you want ……just DO IT! DO IT DAILY, DO IT OFTEN, DO IT RIGHT! NEVER STOP DOING IT!!!!!!!!

And by the way…………..
The above “Tap an artery” scenario also happens when someone says:

Is that a Butterfly knife??…….. Wow, cool. Are you good with it??

If you say “YES“, and even consider a demonstration……… you’re done.

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