how to wear a boot knife

How to Wear a Boot Knife Properly

Knives are incredibly handy tools, they can be used in a variety of ways and are really low maintenance, the only problem with them is that they take up space and can be hard to carry around. Even the most compact pocket knife can be hard to carry around since they’re bulky and take precious pocket space. Fortunately, there are more ways of carrying knives than just keeping them in your pockets. We’re going to take a look at how to wear a boot knife in an efficient manner, a knife can only be useful as long as it’s readily available, especially if you’re planning on using it for self-defense.

Carrying a knife but keeping it in your backpack or in any other place where it takes time to get to your knife isn’t the best option, having a knife in your boot is a great way of having instant access to a knife at all times. Boot knives tend to be small and come with sheaths that are made to be fitted onto combat boots in a manner that keeps them concealed but easily accessible. The proper way of wearing a boot knife depends on what kind of boot you are wearing, some boots come with hidden pockets inside of them that are designed to sheath boot knives, some provide spaces to attach your boot knife’s sheath, and some provide no particular place at all.

If you have a pair of boots that come with a hidden pocket or a built-in knife sheath then all you have to do is pick the right blade, make sure that the knife isn’t so small that it ends up hiding inside your boot, and neither should it be so large that the hilt becomes lost in your body. Measure the inner pocket of your boot, and then use a knife that has a blade of the same length, a properly equipped knife should have half of its handle outside of your boot while the rest is tucked safely in.

Not every pair of boots comes with a boot knife friendly pocket. However, this doesn’t mean that your boot isn’t compatible with a boot knife, you can simply get a boot knife that comes with a sheath with leather straps. Or if you’re good with handiwork then you can sew your boot knife’s sheath to your boot’s inner ring, the simplest way to wear a boot knife is to take an extra shoelace, loop it around your knife’s sheath and then secure the knife to your calf. Then wear your boot over the knife in a way that it covers more than half of the knife, make sure your boot is firmly fastened in place so that the knife doesn’t slip up or down your leg.

It’s important to make sure that you don’t secure the knife to your leg way too tightly since that could restrict blood flow and cause discomfort, you should also ensure that the pair of boots that you choose are comfortable and fit you perfectly.

Another way of wearing a boot knife is to braid it into your shoe’s laces, some boot knives’ come with sheaths that have holes made in them specifically for this purpose, all you have to do is undo your laces halfway and then braid them back with the knife in the desired position. This method keeps boot knives on the front of your shoe but can only be used with extra small knives since larger blades can restrict foot movement.

In the end how you wear your boot knife comes down to how you find it comfortable, most people tend to wear boot knives on the outside of their boots since they’re easy to access from there and don’t press against your foot, but this method doesn’t appeal to people who wish to wear boot knives in a concealed manner. If you plan on wearing your boot knife inside of your shoe, then make sure to use a thin knife so that it doesn’t press against your foot too much and never wear a boot knife without its sheath since this can damage the knife’s blade and also injure the wearer.

You should now be able to wear a boot knife in an efficient manner, remember always to keep your knife secure and also make sure that you aren’t breaching any knife laws while wearing your boot knife.

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