Heres a fix for the Tang pin wearing out the handles.

Does your Balisong feel loose when fully open? Handles too close together? Heres another Tang pin / handle fix.


You might remember a Tip from back in August (8-08-99) for this same problem. Well, to be honest, that was actually kind of a last ditch effort to keep your Balisong workable.

This weeks tip is a little more of a “tune-up” you can do once or twice before having to resort to that.

OK, we already know what the problem is……
……… but just to refresh your memories ……….. the Tang pin is digging into the cups on the backside of the handles. The grooves become deeper, the pin sinks further in, and the handles end up loose when fully open……….. thats it in a nutshell, so to speak.

The area we’re going to work with this time is the Tang pin itself. See the diagrams below:

What you want to do, basically, is flatten the Tang pin out a bit by hitting down on it. See diagram on the right. Broadening the Tang pin will expand the profile just enough, to prevent the pin from sinking too far into the handle……….. then you’re back in business

A few things to remember
~ Be sure to hit Straight down or you’ll bend the pin instead of flattening it. Though bending the pin will give you the same end result, it will also do more damage to the handles, and make a second “tune-up” attempt virtually impossible.

~ Be sure to have a solid piece of metal supporting the bottom end of the Tang pin, and tap on both sides of the pin a few times. You want to try to broaden the pin evenly.

~ Try not to hit the handles. A punch, or small length of metal rod (about the diameter of a pencil) will help prevent that problem. Just rest it on top of the pin, and tap straight down on IT. This fix takes a little finesse, and a hammer alone is not always the answer.

~ Don’t over do it. You’d be surprised at how little it actually takes to tighten things up. Go slow and keep checking. The less you flatten it the first time, the more times you’ll be able to apply this fix later on down the road.

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