Half pivot-roll

Another combination of moves, so you can see how to stitch techniques together.


1. Start in the backhand grip, open position.
2. Begin by executing the half pivot.



4. When you reach the forward position, allow the Balisong to slide backward…….
5. …..as you bend the ring finger and pinky in……..
6. ….to allow the Balisong to slide between the middle and ring fingers. As soon as the Balisong has gone as far as it can go between your fingers……..

7. ……..push forward and up with the ring finger and pinky, causing the blade to rotate up and over the middle finger.



10. Cover with the index finger and thumb and bring into…..

11. …….the same position you started in.These combinations and transitions, will help you see how to move between techniques smoothly and fluidly. This will allow you to move in and out of different positions with confidence.

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