Getting a feel for the balance point.

Getting a feel for the balance point.


Intimacy with the balance point of your Balisong may not seem like a top priority for manipulative prowess. But, in all honesty, it is one of THE most important things you need to exercise.

As simple a concept as it may seem, it’s importance is quite often overlooked in favor of something a little more “flashy”. Don’t become a victim of this kind of thinking. Balance is the difference between a “clean technique”, and an “out of control technique”. Control, being the goal you want to achieve. Without that control, you might find your Balisong falling out of your hand at a time when you need it most.

The following exercise will help you to become more familiar with you Balisong’s balance point. This exercise, along with the Horizontal and Vertical Palm rotations that I’ll be posting (within the next week or so), will put you on the right track to a much needed “state of balance”, as well as a feeling of confidence your hands have likely never felt with a Balisong before.

Practice in the Open AND Closed positions.

Here we go:

1) Hold one hand out in front of you, palm up. Now close the Middle, Ring finger and Pinky in toward the palm. You should now be left with the Index finger pointing forward, and the Thumb to the side. Ya’ with me so far?

2) Now with your other hand, center Your Balisong (on it’s side) on the uppermost part of your finger, between the ridge of the first knuckle and the tip. Cover with your Thumb, directly opposing the Index finger. Your Bali should be balanced at this point. Remove your Thumb from it’s position if you’re not sure.

3) OK, here’s the drill. Straighten your Middle finger out so the back of the finger rests on the top side of the handle. Push down with the middle finger and up with the Index finger, in a way that rolls the Balisong over and onto the tip of the Middle finger. Pull all other fingers out of the way, and hold, balanced, for a few seconds.

4) Continue the same movement with the Ring finger, and the Pinky. Then work your way back.

When you get back to your index finger again, cover with your Thumb. Now, bring your hand up as if doing a Bicep curl, and balance the Balisong on your Thumb.

The movement should closely resemble the finger roll exercises with the following differences:
~Pausing after each finger transfer, to hold balance.
~The position is further up the finger (toward the tip), whereas the rolls are done near the bottom of the fingers (nearer to the palm).

Taking it a bit further:
As you get more confident with this, try adding some hand motion. I perform slow, almost Tai Chi like movements with the Balisong balancing on my fingers, as well as in the “table top” positions.

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