Fun with Oil

Fun with Oil

So, you think you have your moves perfected do ya’? Well, anyone can execute their favorite moves under the right circumstances, but can you do them if something is not as you’d normally expect?? Like your grip for instance.

Try this little “twist” to make things more interesting.

~ Cover your Balisong and hands with a thick film of oil. You could use 3-in1, Chain oil, Baby oil, or anything else you can think of to make everything nice and slippery.

~ Now try those perfected moves again……….. not too easy is it?? Even basic things like Windmills, and Horizontals are a challenge again.

As crazy as it might seem, this is a great way to develop that “just right” grip feel. Too tight and your Bali “squirts” out, too loose and there’s no control.

What you might notice happening is, instead of whipping the Balisong around with your fingers closed tight around the handle………. you’ll start using the balance point and light “counter pressure” (usually between your Thumb and Index or Middle finger ) to create more of a Fulcrum point for the Bali to move around on, as if its on it’s own.

Ya’ never know when you’ll have to use your Bali under this sort of circumstance……………… Be prepared for anything (and everything).

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