Focusing on your target.

Focus……… just because you can open it, doesn’t mean you can use it.

Many people think, and rightly so, that opening a Balisong is the most difficult part of Mastering it. True enough, but what happens once it’s open?? An impressive opening won’t help you in a self defense situation, or even a utility situation.

Close should never be considered close enough.
Focus is the ability to stick your knife point exactly where you want it. This goes for slashing motions as well. Any good fighter will tell you to “pick your target”, and they mean PICK IT! Don’t just say “I’m going for the head”……. instead say “I’m going to hit his (or her) left eye”. Don’t say “I’m going to throw to the body”, say “I’m going to hit the navel”, or “the sternum”. Picking an exact point is very important in targeting……. especially if in a defense situation, where missing your target by an inch could mean the difference between life and death…….. yours!

Here’s a few things I’ve done:
~ The easiest way is to use a Dartboard. Hang it somewhere, just below chest level. Now, think of a number, and stick the tip to it. Go slowly at first, and work up to speed. You can also use the inner dividing rings to complicate things even more. Slashes can be done as well, just think of two numbers directly across from each other. 11 & 6 would be a horizontal slash. 20 & 3 would be a vertical slash, ……and so on. For a change up, throw in some movement……openings and closings, or transitions. Or have someone else call out the numbers.

~ Using a mirror is also a good way, with your own reflection as the refrence points. I don’t like this one as much because of the lack of actual contact with anything. But it’s better than nothing.

~ Another way requires a good sized piece of Plywood and a solid wall to put it against. Draw a nice big X just below chest level. Then draw two more lines through the X, one vertically, one horizontaly. After that , draw a few circles randomly on the board, some big, some smaller and one in the center of the X. The lines of the X will represent the slashing paths, the circles represent stab points. Now work your focus by targeting points on the board setup. Do it as if you were working a heavy bag. Practice quick combinations, high and low, slash & stab, etc…….I like this method a lot because of the way it strengthens your wrists on top of working your focus. Something you’ve probably never even considered important.

As your focus gets better, decrease the size of your targets. Try to get them down to about the size of a quarter, while retaining your accuracy…………….good luck!

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