Static throw, twirl to Backhand

Static throw, twirl to Backhand

If you never taped the blade before, NOW would be a good time to do it……….. at least until you get the timing down.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

1. Start in the Forward grip, closed position, bite handle “IN”.

2. Begin the move by executing a Static throw.


4. You do NOT want to add the Whip move to increase the spin as you normally would.



7. You want to make sure to keep your Middle finger tucked in and you Index finger extended.

8. As soon as you feel the bite handle hit your Index finger, push the Middle finger forward (extend it) scissoring against the Index finger, and turn your wrist over.


10.Finish in the Backhand, open position.

Be VERY, VERY careful with this one. The timing is tricky and if you don’t get it right, the scissor move in step #8 will happen ON the blade and not the handle.

Backhand windmills

This one also uses two different grips, only this time it’s the Thumb pressure grip that starts, and the knuckle pinch that finishes…….. easier said than done.


1. Start in the Backhand closed position. either handle forward will do, example shows latch handle forward.




2. Flick the latch open with the thumb tip, and allow the forward facing handle to drop away.

Straighten out the fingers to let the handle clear. Use thumb pressure to hold the handle securely against the upper palm.






4. As the handle reaches bottom, dip the wrist forward and down to help the handle over the top, while changing to knuckle pinch grip.




5. Clearing the thumb might take some work, but you’ll get it.







This move is a little bit more difficult than the forward version. The hard part being the transition form Thumb pressure grip to Knuckle pinch grip. The Thumb is much more difficult to clear out of the way than the fingers. Keep at it, eventually it’ll come.

To test yourself, see how many times you can execute the technique in a minute……. not an easy task!


Combining two techniques together helps you see how continuous Balisong motion can be accomplished. Weaving in and out of different moves will ensure you’re never caught off guard. Whatever position you find your Balisong in, you should be able to open it

1. Start the screwdriver movement.

3. Rotate it a few times…….



5. Either direction is OK…….
7. …….and it doesn’t matter which end is up.
8. When you’re ready……..
9.……….”plant” your middle finger tip and thumb……… and execute the slide.

10. Remember to pull your Middle finger and thumb back a little, toward the butt of the Balisong, to provide the necessary clearance
12. Continue with the screwdriver rotations. Notice the other end of the handle is now “up”.

This is a great confidence builder that may result in a few drops before you get it down. The good news is, you can practice this one seated so your precious Bali doesn’t have far to fall.