Basic twirl

Forward grip to Backhand Open

This is the first of the finger twirl openings I’m posting. I used the term “finger twirl” to remain consistent with the terminology you’ll find in other book and video offerings.

1. Start in the Forward grip, closed position. Safe handle into your palm.
2. Begin the move with a Horizontal type opening.

Actually, it will more resemble the Horizontal variation in that the first thing you’re going to do is a ricochet off of the back of your hand.
3. Before the ricochet……..
4. ………….Insert your Index finger to the area just above the Thumb.
6. This is the ricochet point mentioned in step two.
7. Torque your wrist over to send the blade and handle to the next ricochet point.
9. Second ricochet.

At the moment of ricochet, pull the Thumb out…….
10.……………… and around to the other side, and scissor with the Index and Middle fingers to bring the handle over.
13. Torque your wrist over a little to speed up the movement.
14. Finish in the Backhand grip, open position.

Ending position will have your fingers “choked up” close to the blade. Keep the Thumb in position but open up the other fingers to stabelize.

Make sure you check out the AVI to see the closing move, as it’s just a little different from the opening.

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