Balisong throwing

Though not really suited for knife throwing as you may know it, the Balisong nonetheless does have the potential for “projectile” use. It just comes down to knowing the “how and why”.

Now, don’t think you’re going to walk away from this Tip and win any target throwing contests……. The Bali doesn’t throw that way.

It can however make a good “Throwing Star” type striking weapon, in those last ditch effort type situations. It can be used to create a diversion, or even slow someone down (if their charging) long enough for you to escape. I say “last ditch” because you have to realize you’d be giving your weapon away.

The one advantage the Balisong has over the Star is the added velocity of the spinning handles……………. which, if it hits it’s mark, makes for quite a painful strike, even to the body.


If you decide to practice this, make sure you’re in a place where no one can accidentally walk into the path of your throws…………. safety first!

Here’s the basics

~ Start the technique like you’re going to do a Vertical basic opening. Except at the point of the first ricochet (back of the hand) raise the hand to head level.

~ At this point you should have the safe handle in your hand, the blade pointing back behind you, and the bite handle pointing down toward the floor (also behind you). You could also turn it around the other way, so the blade is also pointing down toward the floor.

~ From here it’s just aim and fire.

~ Side arm and underhand throws should also be worked on, so you’re familiar with all angles. Also play with throwing from the middle of a freestyle routine, just to become comfortable with all the possibilities.

Now remember, this is more of a “striking” technique than anything else, so it won’t always stick (blade first). But, it is good to be familiar with, just in case.

……….. and you might want to use an older “junky” Balisong, because it does tend to ruin them after a few times, unless you’re throwing into a mattress or something similar.

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