Backhand windmills

This opening combines two different grips, the knuckle pinch, in the beginning, to a thumb pressure grip. How quickly you can execute the transition, will determine the outcome of the technique.

1. Start in the Backhand closed position, latch handle forward.
2. Open the latch with your thumb tip, and let the safe handle fall back toward your body.
Use the knuckle pinch grip to hold the handle and clear the thumb.
3. As the falling handle nears the bottom, Pull the wrist back slightly and….
4. ……. flick the fingers out straight (so the incoming handle can enter) and replace with the thumb, for a thumb pressure grip.
The tilting of the wrist, and the fingers flicking forward, will help whip the handle into the open position.
5. Open.
6. Repeat the same movements to close.
9. Closed.

The key to this technique is the point where the grips change. The faster you can flick your fingers straight, the sooner they can be replaced by the thumb.

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