Backhand throw

Backhand throw


This throw opening starts in the backhand position, and floats over the back of the hand, forward. The catch is tricky, so be careful.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

1. Start in the Backhand closed position.



2. Allow the bite handle to fall down and back.



3. As the bite handle reaches the bottom, (before it contacts the side of your palm), tilt your hand to the palm down position and release.



4. If you timed it right, the Bali should make one rotation above your hand, moving slightly forward.



5. Tilt your hand back………….



6. ………… to vertical, to prepare for the catch.



7. As you can see by the position of my hand, the catch is made with the safe handle in a vertical position.




8. This is because the Bali is rotating forward, as opposed to the usual backward spin you are accustomed to.






10. End in the Forward grip, open position.

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