Backhand open throw

Backhand open throw

To forward grip closed

Here’s an interesting throw from the Backhand position. This time we’re going to start with the Balisong open, and catch it in the forward grip, closed position.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.


1. Start in the Backhand grip, open position, latch handle facing forward.




2. Start the technique as if doing a Backhand windmill, forward.








4. As the safe handle reaches bottom, release, tipping your wrist back a bit to add momentum.




















9. Move your hand down slightly and turn the wrist over (palm up) to prepare for the catch.






11. You may find yourself over rotating in the beginning. In that case you may make the catch open……. no big deal.





This is another difficult throw. Be careful not to let the Balisong come back at you, at the point of release. If this happens to you, try letting go sooner. That should solve the problem.

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