Backhand around

Backhand around


This is the opposite of the “Latch start to Backhand closed” technique, covered earlier. Check the bottom of this page for an AVI of what they look like when done together.

Download an AVI of the technique here.

Preview the Technique here with the smaller GIF file.

1. Start in the Backhand closed position, safe handle facing into your palm.

This is also the finishing position of the “Latch handle start to Backhand closed” technique
2. Let the latch handle fall away.
3. Turn the wrist over as the handle comes over the top of it.

Keep the Index finger pointed straight out to allow the incoming handle to clear.
5. When you feel the latch handle hit the back of your hand, close the index finger around it, and place the Thumb on the side of the same handle, near the butt.
Add tension by pulling in lightly with the Index finger.

6. Let go with the Pinky, Ring, and middle fingers. If you added tension with the Index finger, the safe handle should whip right around………..
7. ……… careful to get your Index finger out of the way, as the sharp part of the blade will be coming right at it.
8. Turn your wrist over again (palm up) to allow the handle (and blade) to come back in to the Forward grip closed position.

The “Latch handle start to Backhand closed” technique, combined with this technique make for a great exercise.

Click here to see what they look like when combined.

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