A simple opening into the backhand position. Flows well when the body is in motion.


1. Starting in the Back hand position with the nub of the latch facing your palm, use your thumb tip to release the latch from the lock position.

2. Allow the latch handle to fall away.

3. Continue the motion, toward the back of your hand.

4. Just before the latch handle is about to ricochet off of the back of your hand……..

5. ……loosen your hold a little and let the handle rotate in your palm. The slot that covers the knife when closed should now be facing your palm.

6. The inertia of the technique should take care of it, but if you have a problem, do the type of motion described in the screwdriver exercise to turn it.

7. Continue the motion. Notice in frames 7 & 8, how the ring finger and pinky pull in, to close the grip.

8. This time, when the back of the blade approaches the back of your hand let it ricochet, causing the blade and latch handle to move in the opposite direction to finish the technique.

9. Tilting your wrist back slightly at the moment of ricochet, will add speed and power to the technique.


It’s not that important how long you hold the balance on each finger, but try to work toward at least second or two.


12. Finish in the Open position.

The knife can also be closed using the same motion, and should be practiced that way

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