An alternative to tape for covering the blade.

An alternative to tape for covering the blade.

If you’re one of those people that go with the “better safe than sorry” approach to Balisong training, and tape just isn’t cutting it (no pun intended)……… try this easy alternative.

Go to your nearest hardware store and ask for “that plastic dip for coating the handles of pliers”. They’ll know what you’re talking about.

There are a few different brands , but they all work pretty much the same. Pop the lid, dip the handles into the liquid plastic, let it cure for awhile in the air, and thats it. Instant handle grips.

To apply it to your Balisong blade, just use a small paint brush or a stick, dab it into the liquid plastic, and paint the plastic along the profile of the blade (on both sides). You only want to go just above the bevel line. Any higher and the plastic might bind the blade within the handle. You also want to try to keep it as smooth as you can.

Let the plastic dry a bit, and then (while it’s still tacky) gently mold the plastic over any spots on the blade that you might have missed. Add more plastic if necessary…………. and don’t forget the tip.

Another way you can do it, is by making a narrow trough about the length of the blade, and pouring the plastic into it. Then, it’s just a matter of dipping the blade into the plastic. This method is a little easier and neater, but it wastes a good amount of the plastic.

Not only will this method outlast the tape, but it will also protect your fingers better. Give it a shot.

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