Adding a little ZIP to the Hyper drop techniques.

Adding a little ZIP to the Hyper drops. More motion with less movement.


If you played around with these techniques at all, you’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to complete the move without actually throwing the Balisong…….. I know , I know, I specifically said “DON’T throw your Balisong” in the step by step section. I still stick to that. The Balisong should just be released. But there is a way to get a little more “air” out of the technique, without alot of extra hand / arm motion..

The set-up:
~First we’ll start in a Backhand grip, open position, palm up. With your Index, Middle, Ring fingers, and Pinky straight out, position your Balisong across your fingers between the ridges of the first and second knuckles (the first being closest to the tip). Now place your Thumb over the top, opposite the Middle and Index fingers (between both).

The execution:
Ok, here’s the motion. Leaving the Index finger neutral (relaxed), push down lightly with the Thumb, while pushing up with the Middle finger. The Middle finger pushing up, is much more quick and forceful than the Thumb pushing down. This will create a “snap” of the blade moving upward. The movement resembles the Tip rocker exercise, but the positioning is down one knuckle on the fingers.

Timing is the key to this working….. you have to release and move your hand, after you feel the “snap”. You could also add a twist of the wrist INTO the motion (start with the blade pointing down).

With practice, you’ll be able to send the Balisong from hand to hand using only this movement.

Now lets try it overhand (palm down). The set-up is the same, only you’re going to turn your wrist over for the palm down position.

To get the “snap” from this position, drop your Thumb down a little. Allow gravity to let the blade tip move downward, toward the floor. At this point , your fingers are pointing straight forward, your Thumb is supporting the weight of the Bali at about the middle of the handle, and the side of the Balisong’s handle (near the butt) is resting against the Index finger. Now “snap” by pushing the Thumb quickly upward.

Once again, timing between the snap and the release is the key. Also, a twist of the wrist INTO the movement will add much more “air” to the technique.

Using the following examples as a model, see if you can figure out how to duplicate the technique from the Forward grip position.

Good luck!

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