About me

Ahhhh…….I remember it like it was yesterday. From the moment I saw it (in a movie) I knew I had to have one. I don’t remember what movie it was, but I can still see the scene in my head. Well, not really the whole scene.

I actually only remember seeing the balisong come from out of nowhere. The sound it made, the way the light shined off of it. Man, what an impression it left in my head!

My obsession with these knives started 18 years ago, and continues to this day. I came up with all the techniques you’ll find within this site, using trial and error, and (at this point) literally hundreds, (if not thousands) of hours of my life. Why so long? Well, after finding out there were no Balisong teachers listed in the phone book, I decided to let “Natural progression” take it’s course. I was going to master this thing without any outside influence what-so-ever…… None, nada, zip, zilch. And so far thats what I’ve done.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I was tempted to buy one of Jeff Imada’s books in the beginning because, thats all there was, but I didn’t. Then in later years came a few video’s I’d seen advertised in the various Martial arts magazines. I didn’t get those either. I was not going to go against my “Natural progression” mission. To this day my only outside exposure has been a few unavoidable Jeff Imada Hollywood clips.

……….Oh yeah, I almost forgot the BIO part. My name is Clay and I live in the Princeton, N.J. area. You can find me easily, (or at least thats what people tell me), I’m the guy that drives the Explorer while twirling the knife all the time. Yup, that would be me, stop me and say HI! (unless you’re a police officer of course).